Biological Safety Cabinets

A Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC), also known as a Biosafety Cabinet is mainly used for handling pathogenic biological samples or for applications that require a sterile work zone. A biological safety cabinet creates inflow and downflow of air that provides operator protection.

The downflow air passes through an ULPA/HEPA filter and creates an ISO Class 3 work zone to protect samples from the risk of cross-contamination. The air exhausted also passes through an ULPA/HEPA filter prior to release to protect the environment.

To guarantee the biological safety cabinet’s optimum performance these are tested and classified by 2 standards: EN 12469:2000 and NSF 49.

There are many models and options to choose from, contact us for more information.

Biologiska säkerhetsbänkar, variant 1

New product! Labculture® Plus

Labculture® Plus (E-Series) G4 Class II Biological Safety Cabinet

  • Centurion Touchscreen controller
  • EN 12469-certified
  • Tiltable sash for easy cleaning of the inner sash glass
  • 200 mm sash opening. Frameless, shatterproof, and UV-absorbing tempered glass and motorized window
  • Dimmable LED lights with ideal light intensity of 1000 lux
  • E-series comes with Tempered Glass Side walls and Multi-piece work tray, autoclavable
  • USB port to access cabinet data log and newly integrated Remote Modbus feature for users to securely access the cabinet remotely from external devices
Biologiska säkerhetsbänkar, variant 1

Biological Safety Cabinets from Esco offers:

  •  A broad range of sizes to fit any available laboratory space
  • Options for side panel construction like stainless steel or glass
  • Choice of multipiece or single-piece worktrays
  • Airflow sensor to alert the user if airflow is sufficient for greater safety
  • Equipped with DC-ECM blower for 70% energy savings compared to AC motor
  • Compliance to EN 12469
  • a broad range of accessories and options
  • UV lamp for decontamination
  • Isocide™ powder coat that inhibits microbial growth
  • Ergonomically-designed raised arm rest helps prevent grille blocking and create a comfortable working posture
Biologiska säkerhetsbänkar, variant 2

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