Clever is a flexible automated system that can be adapted for different applications, including calprotectin analysis, sample processing and liquid handling.

The system is equipped with a pipetting arm and a displacement arm. It can be configured with various third-party installations such as centrifuge, shaker, ultrasound, scanner as well as decapping and capping stations for tubes or cans. The system can also be adapted with customer specific racks and holders.

The system is supplied with computer software for ease of use.

Benefits and features

Space saving
The system takes up minimal space and can be placed on an ordinary lab bench.

The system is equipped with a scanner for the correct identification of tubes.

Simple software with everything on one screen
The software that comes with Clever is user friendly and has everything needed on a single screen for easy management.

The system is easy to move and can be easily moved when needed.

Data system for transfer
Clever has a built-in data system function for smooth data transfer.

Mobile communication during run or troubleshooting
The system enables mobile communication during operation or when troubleshooting is needed to facilitate use and support.

Customized to your needs
Clever can be customized to specific customer applications and requirements.

Customised menu
The system offers customised menu and settings to meet user needs.

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