Refrigerator and freezer for the lab

We are a proud supplier of Gram laboratory refrigerators and freezers. There are a number of models to choose from depending on what you are storing and its temperature sensitivity.

All refrigerators and freezers in the Grams BioLine series have a refrigeration system based on a finned tube evaporator – no cold walls, active air circulation system – even distribution of the cold air on all shelves, the automatic defrosting function “Smart Defrost”, as well as full ATEX compliance / spark-free (both internal and external ).

There are different models in different sizes as well as accessories and options to choose from so that different individual needs are met.

Ultra low temperature freezer

BioUltra is a Gram freezer for storing materials in the -60C/-86C range. It has a powerful, bottom-mounted cascade cooling system as well as vacuum-insulated wall technology.

Standard and customized racks for storage boxes are available and we help you calculate optimal storage of samples, tubes, boxes and racks.

Read more in the product sheet and contact us for more information.

Do you work in biobanking?
Take a look at our offering of biobanking tubes, cap/decapper, laser printer and scanner, and contact us for more information. We will help you!

Refrigerator and freezer for storing medicine

Are you storing your medicine correctly? A refrigerator is so much more than just a refrigerator!

The best possible temperature uniformity in a refrigerator is achieved with active air distribution, which distributes the cold air evenly over all shelves.

Read more about why you should choose a medicine fridge and freezer from Gram. Contact us for more information, quotation and delivery time.

Laboratory refrigerator and freezer

Different samples require different requirements for laboratory refrigeration and freezers, and Gram offers different models in the BioLine series with high performance.

Together, they cover everything from highly-specified biostorage manufactured for ‘mission-critical’ work to general purpose refrigeration units.

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Exguard refrigerator

The ExGuard laboratory refrigerator is designed for the storage of items potentially emitting noxious, odorous and/or explosive atmospheres.

ExGuard is expected to facilitate and make a safer working environment for users by allowing your existing ventilation system to extract hazardous atmosphere from the cabinet before you can open the refrigerator.

A damper is controlled via the evacuation unit to open and close, allowing potentially contaminated air to be vented through the connected ventilation system. Ambient air is drawn into the cabinet through a non-return valve when the damper is opened, equalizing the pressure and flushing out potentially contaminated air.


Gram’s laboratory refrigerator and freezer in the BioBasic series comes in four different sizes and provides a cost effective solution for general storage.


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