Software for sample storage

Tracking allows for precise identification and linking of each sample with relevant metadata, such as sample patient information, sample collection date, sample type, and any other relevant variables. This is crucial to ensure that the results of research studies are accurate and reliable.

Samples can be sensitive to temperature changes and other environmental influences. Tracing makes it possible to monitor and document the storage conditions of each sample, which is necessary to ensure that samples remain in optimal condition.

More benefits

Clear tracing reduces the risk of contamination and misuse of the samples. By having a thorough documentation of each sample’s journey, you can quickly detect and correct any errors or irregularities.

Tracking also facilitates efficient management of resources, including inventory, sample picking, and sample use.

Using a storage software creates a clear and traceable management of your samples.

Different data entry options depending on user preference and laboratory setup. Manually, Import via example Excel/csv. Or you can quickly scan the samples directly into the software.


BIOSAFE® iTrack is a central database that can administrate your the stored samples based on their storage position.

It can easily be adapted to the individual needs of your biobank. The necessary basic information and additional user defined information is stored against each sample. This information may be different data templates, logistics information or process data.

A good work practice (GXP) compliant database is adapted to your needs – not the other way round.

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