Laboratory furniture and fume cupboards

We offer fume cupboards, laboratory furniture and safety storage cabinets. We also help you with project management and take on both small and large projects. Together with you, we design your lab according to your wishes and requirements, make suggestions for cost savings and quality related improvements, and also coordinate with plumbing, electricity, ventilation and gas if necessary.


Köttermann offers customized laboratory furniture, ergonomic work stations, easily accessible storage space and maximum safety for experiments and storage of hazardous substances. Together with the basis of Köttermans laboratory elements, the material steel, this creates a safe working environment.

Fume cupboards from Köttermann


Köttermann has different fume cupboards for different applications. Your workflow and which substances/solutions you use determine the type of fume cupboard you need.

With the Touch Tronic control system, you ensure that the air flow is correct and that the an alarm goes off if there is insufficient volume flow and air speed.

Touch Tronic has a clear and easy-to-read touch screen and thanks to the modern IPS panel, it provides an overview of all functions where settings can be easily adjusted, even with gloves on.

EXPLORIS® för generell applikation

EXPLORIS® for general application

Fume cupboard EXPLORIS® for general application such as working with organic solvents and diluted acids. Depending on the ceiling height you have in the lab, you can choose between a high or low design.

EXPLORIS® för generell applikation

EXPLORIS® high-performance fume cupboard

If you work with strong inorganic acids, including sulfuric acid, nitric acid and/or hydrochloric acid, the EXPLORIS® high-performance fume cupboard is the right choice.

This fume cupboard has resistant ceramic or polypropylene and thanks to its design, the special airflow also allows work with high thermal loads. In the flyer you will find all information about measurements and air volume.

EXPLORIS® högpresterande dragskåp


The energy efficient EXPLORIS EcoPlus® fume cupboard has a unique flow technology that reduces airflow while meeting all safety requirements. It allows cost savings of up to 30% compared to a comparable standard models.

Fume cupboard EXPLORIS® for general application can be retrofitted to EXPLORIS EcoPlus®.

EXPLORIS® EcoPlus Dragskåp

Distillation and walk-in fume cupboards

Tall instruments require a lot of space. Distillation and walk-in fume cupboards are ideal in this regard. Distillation fume cupboards have a particularly low worktop, while walk-in fume cupboards provide enough space for large appliances.

Destillations- och walk-in dragskåp

Laboratory furniture from Köttermann


The work in laboratories vary a lot, which is why Köttermann’s interior elements are made of high-quality steel and offer ten different materials for worktops.

The range includes tall cabinets, underbench cabinets, wall cabinets, work tables, islands, sink and various media systems for access to electricity, water and various gases.

Safety cabinets from Köttermann


There are different safety cabinets depending on which dangerous substances you store, such as acids, bases, toxic chemicals or flammable liquids.

Contact us and we will help you further with choosing the right cabinet.

Fume cupboards from Visu

Fume cupboards

Fume cupboards are cornerstones of a safe laboratory environment. They protect end users from being exposed to unhealthy substances and gases.

Visu has decades of experience in the manufacturing of fume cupboards. Their collection has been designed together with end users and built from beginning to end at their own factory in Finland.

Dragskåp från Visu

Find the right fume cupboard

To achieve the best results, our and Visu’s expertise is at your disposal from the point we start the design work until it has been installed and ready for use.

Which substances will you work with in the fume cupboard? Do you need a sink, drain and different gases? Do you need storage of chemicals and acids/bases? Do you wish to maintain the correct air velocity in the sash opening?

We help you in planning and offer the right fume cupboard for the right application.

Different models

  • Visu Pro
    For demanding professional use
  • Visu Pro Space
    Walk-in fume cupboard
  • Visu Pro Focus
    For demanding professional use and precise work
  • Visu Pro Light
    Lightweight, inexpensive and practical
  • Visu Pro Flex
    Extra space for working
  • Visu Pro Mist
    Fume cupboard with scrubber
Ett dragskåp från Visu

Laboratory furniture from Visu

Tailored solutions

We can help you implement solutions tailored to the your needs. The laboratories we equip are almost always unique entities, where different combinations of materials and furniture are realized. As a starting point for design and to facilitate product selection, we also offer standard solution most commonly used in terms of dimensions and materials, to suit most laboratory needs.

Laboratory furniture in combination with chemical cabinets, point extraction, fume cupboards and laboratory chairs gives you a complete lab. If you also need instruments, consumables and reference material for your lab, we also offer this as a turn key solution.


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